Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Panda Costume

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Duration: 6:39

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If your opponent succeeds in scoring the puck by sinking it in one of your cups, you must chug, then turn the cup upside down and place it on top of the hole. Jimmy and a celebrity guest each put their arms and head through holes in stand-up pictures of chefs.
Two audience members compete, at least one male.
After agreeing to appear on the reunion, he received a phone call, on his signature oversized earlys—era cell phone, from Jessie Spano ; Gosselaar then informed Fallon that Elizabeth Berkley had also agreed to appear on the reunion. He then compares the two usually ending in a punchline joke.
The final selection is always a picture of a man who the viewer claims looks like Jimmy, who will then put on a costume to match.
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Other Shared Experiences have involved playing with an inflated beach ball and shooting Nerf guns at A.
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The Roots then performed a ballad about head coach Fran McCaffery.
Jimmy and the gang take turns miming the saxophone solo of Old Time Rock and Roll while a recording of it is played.
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